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Leadman Sales™

Maintain positive relationships with your customers by providing appropriate employees with access to crucial sales information throughout a project's entire life-cycle. Leadman Sales™ allows your departments to securely and efficiently collaborate with each other and with customers in order to reduce communication issues and improve response and delivery times.

Leadman Task™

Originally developed for an industrial manufacturer, Leadman Task™ is a lightweight kiosk-oriented client that is intended to optimize your shop floor. The manufacturing data collected by Task continues to be one of the greatest assets of the entire software suite. Each employee has their own timer, and they're able to easily issue labor to projects and retrieve project-specific information (including CAD drawings) in order to work efficiently.

Leadman Suite™

The award-winning manufacturing efficiency package, Leadman Suite™, includes all modules in order to offer your organization an unmatched degree of project organization and efficiency. Track labor by the second and provide your employees with all the information and tools needed to be successful and efficient in all of their tasks.

Leadman Project™


An efficient workflow requires centralized project tracking, and there's no better way to manage your manufacturing jobs than with Leadman Project™. Give appropriate employees the ability to create, schedule, and track projects at your facility. Help them make intelligent scheduling decisions based on capacity, skill, and certification requirements. In addition, manage your CNC programs within Project and when an operator clocks into jobs on the shop floor your revision controlled CNC programs will automatically be loaded.

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